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Intelligence. Focus. Execution. 

Intelligence. Focus. Execution. 

Get Involved.

Together We Will Build a Better Future

We invite our Partners and Audiences to engage through collaborative platforms, digital interaction and knowledge networks, and through high-level personalized communication.



Our supporting, endorsing and sponsoring partner organisations can count on getting access to audiences and intelligence they need. 


We draw from our unrivaled experience and expertise in bringing together leaders from the public sector, businesses, academia and media. This allows for year-round calendar of various engagement opportunities and interactions that span industry sectors, academic disciplines and locations.

Our Supporters




Value proposition for partners

​Partners leverage our events to raise your profile and lower your customer acquisition costs: 

  • Face-to-face, facilitated interaction with existing and potential clients in a tailored, vertical business environment

  • Branding and communication on Web sites, social media, direct marketing campaigns and on-site signage seen by thousands of targeted prospects

  • The opportunity to educate your target market and influence trends and regulators

  • The chance to stand out from your competitors and put your company front of mind using numerous formats, including; online content, workshops, technology launches, product demonstrations, site visits and hosted receptions




promise to attendees

Whether it's catching up with a new regulatory landscape, claiming market share or understanding how to utilise and roll-out new technologies – our expert and timely agendas as well as our interactive formats and networking functions can both inform and inspire.


  • Gain industry knowledge and competitive advantage by staying ahead of the game with new trends, projects and opportunities

  • Get answers to your most pressing business challenges

  • Accelerate your personal and professional development through expert case study driven agendas, training and workshops

  • Network with unparalleled efficiency, both sharing knowledge with your peers, but also benchmarking and assessing available solutions and services

  • Return to the office with new ideas, strategies and objectives that will refocus your decision making 


Companies who are benefitting from the web and virtual series.


​"The web series is the best way to get the knowledge you need in a short space of time. Getting connected to the exact people I need to enhance our business during this time, has changed the game for us."

- Annukka Lipponen, Centre for International Studies, World Bank

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