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Automation & Robotics - The Future of Work 

25 August 2020 | 1hr 10 mins | Virtual Boardroom 

What the session covers: 

  • Fast-tracking industry 4.0 

  • What industry needs to do right now

  • Reducing costs in the short and long-term

  • Job and opportunities presented in the wake of automation and robotics in the industry

  • Ensuring automation creates value to economies by increasing productivity 

Automation & Robotics - The Future of Work 

What should we all expect post-COVID-19?


The COVID crisis is prompting companies to invest in automation and robotics to better manage operations, despite facing revenue declines resulting from the pandemic.

The market continues to struggle with supply chains, logistics and fulfillment, shutting businesses and economies down and revealing many of the vulnerabilities they contain. 

As businesses begin to map out immediate, near- and long-term strategies to improve fulfillment, many of them are looking to increase automation and robotics in warehouses and various other manufacturing and related industries.  This will eliminate some of the risk of slowdowns or shutdowns that arise when workforces are partly or entirely knocked out of the picture.

Who attends?

C-level: CEO, General Managers, CIO/CTO's 

  • Automation Specialists 

  • Robotics Experts

  • Heads of Digital Transformation 

  • Heads of Industrial Automation 

  • Head of RPA 

  • Technical Directors

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