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Secure expert freelance conference producers and event managers

A fresh approach to event content production.

We offer industry expertise in conference production and content advisory,

 providing you with bespoke support in event strategy & project management, speaker acquisition & management, and digital content - helping you create truly engaging programming and unique attendee experiences.

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Scale and optimize how your organization executes project-based work.

We help you scale your content resource to cover existing projects or support a new project launches. 


Prevent staffing gaps, save time by securing a highly skilled producer who can hit the ground running. 

Allocate flexibly

You can choose how long you need the freelance resource for. We provide the flexibility to amend the scope and the time you need the help. 

Accelerate value

Our freelancers have a network of contacts and relationships in various industries. They can help with partnerships and lead key stakeholder conversations. 

Get it done

Secure a freelancer quickly while looking for a permanent replacement. Just get your research, programmes, speaker acquisition done. 

Trusted by:

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  • Conduct qualitative research

  • Connect with stakeholders and primary market  / buyers 

  • Build event value propositions 

  • Create competitive analysis

  • Understand industry challenges and opportunities


  • Validate new topics ideas

  • Manage call for papers process

  • Conference programme copywriting

  • Produce market-led content

  • Review & refresh objectives and themes 

  • Grow scope of content

  • Develop formats & programming  


  • Establish advisory board members 

  • Research & recruit high-level speakers

  • Engage keynote speakers 

  • Integrate interviewers, panellists and industry specialists to attract and engage audiences

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