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Intelligence. Focus. Execution. 

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Shaping the future of learning.

Collaborative activities from people that impact others deeply

We work to co-create content with the community, partners and the society at large to provide: 

Research & insight reports

Global debates with pioneers who inspire change

Initiatives led-by government, innovators for future leaders


Research & insight reports

A global footprint

Be part of the solution, join us as we built information products. 

Join a network of peers who are tackling challenges connected through technology, events and joint projects. 

Achieving results

With grassroots knowledge, a global perspective, and ambition to change the world, we are confronting the most pressing issues of our time, challenging the status quo on todays issues affecting the future of society and its economy. 

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Knowledge & leadership

Our impactful

Global Debates

Our debates are centered around lived and shared experiences.

Let's discuss and collaborate economic cases for diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Be part of Global debates as we develop confident communicate, critical thinkers and empowered global citizens and leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Can diversity

be rescued 

from itself?

Digital Work Life

Global debates - Webinar
22 January 2022

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Research shows that diversity efforts don't increase the percentage of targeted groups in business or management. Seemingly every small gain for one group comes at the expense of other groups.  The session discussed intentional steps to reducing inflammation of biases.  

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Action and change

Change the ecosystem,

move the needle.

There is an unprecedented opportunity for business to take an active role in shaping the future.


The now generation has inherited global challenges that can no longer be ignored by companies, companies, their investors and shareholders.  

We want to help you demonstrate that social capitalism can indeed work and that people and systems can change. 

Make a decision 

to accelerate your career

We have collectively spent 25 years tailoring some of the best programmes for corporates while co-creating a culture of continuous learning using human-centric approaches. 

Learning is better when: 

- There is active learning, not passive watching 

- You in a room full of engaged peers

- You apply what you learn by practice and getting hands-on advice

- You get tactics, frameworks, resources and tools to immediately apply 

Interested in co-curating 

with us?

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Shaping the future of learning.




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