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Transitioning Supply Chain & Logistics

As organisations change and grow, transitioning from traditional supply chain to automated supply chain and warehouse management systems, there are key barriers, challenges and opportunities. 

Despite high levels of automation and advanced robotics in manufacturing industries, the pandemic has shown that securing the supply-side capacity of supply chains alone does not prevent the disruption of business.

Most businesses are moving into their transition stage and utilising senior internal expertise to be part of the transition of their supply chain and logistics. 

Transitioning Supply Chain & Logistics

26 August 2020 | Virtual Series 

What the session covers: 

  • Managing the transition process

  • Evaluating value created by transitioning at all points

  • Addressing barriers to transitioning supply chain: 

    • Cost implications​

    • Upskilling staff and finding the right talent

    • Change and culture management 

    • Disruption to existing operations while transitioning

  • Managing customer service and client inertia during system and organizational transition

  • Engaging supply chain ecosystem partners, such as suppliers and logistics service providers (LSP)

  • Driving more value lessons learned from 3PL/4PL strategy

Who attends?

C-level: CEO, General Managers, CIO/CTO's 

  • Heads of Supply Chain

  • Heads of Procurement 

  • Head of Logistics

  • Directors, Warehouse Management & Systems

  • Director Facilities 

  • Lean Six Sigma Experts

  • Heads of Digital Transformation 

  • HR Business Partners 

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