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Data & Sustainability in the Built environment

Addressing industry challenges:

  • Data and sustainability are some of the standout megatrends for the region’s real estate industry in 2020

  • Reducing usage understanding performance of existing real estate energy consumption

  • How you manage your building and track its performance

  • Evaluating traditional data  (building level and aggregated market information) such as operating income, costs and cap rates

  • Benchmarking traditional data against the wider community and city data

  • Incorporating and embedding sensors and other digital measuring tools to get data 

Data & Sustainability in the Built Environment

Data is becoming a defining asset for the built environment and the lack of effective data and analytics is an inhibitor to the ability to accurately measure value and generate insights in real estate. 

As we shape our future, we have new opportunities – through open and shared data. The benefits of a data-driven built environment are far-reaching. Disruptive technologies like cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are already impacting how we experience and engage with our physical surroundings.

We must focus on reducing cost and friction in the value chain of the built environment, from design through to construction and asset operations. There are opportunities to share data along that value chain which will reduce the cost to many of the stakeholders. The cost of actually sharing data (the interoperability of data) is constantly reducing as more data is released using common standards. 

Building energy-efficiency has been assigned a strategic role in Dubai’s target of achieving a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption by 2030. 

Who attends?

C-level: Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Senior Managers, Heads and Supervisors from the following job functions:

  • Sustainability Management 

  • Data Analysis and IoT

  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings

  • Facilities Management

  • Building Audit Consultants 

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