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Automation in Industry 

16 June 2020, Web/Virtual Series 

What the session covers: 

  • How to effectively leverage the growing trends in automation across sectors

  • Facing the challenge of not being prepared for automation during a downturn

  • Pinpointing today's trends and opporunities for automation

  • Innovation in automation, who are the movers and shakers?

  • What are the solutions for the short-term and post COVID-19

Automation in Industry

Leveraging automation across key regional sectors to deliver the future of scaled operational excellence, cognitive automation and efficiencies.

The adoption of emerging technologies and Industry 4.0 has already begun in Saudi Arabia. However, while market leaders are already making the most of the fourth industrial revolution, there is still a great deal of room for the rest of the manufacturing and industrial companies to gain a competitive advantage and increase performance and productivity through Industrial Automation.

Industry impediments: 

  • Increase productivity and efficiency, reducing operational post COVID-19

  • Growth in local manufacturing - and immediate need for the industry to develop as a preventative measure for future crisis

  • Need for specialized workforce to manage the new-tech instrumentation and solutions

  • Building knowledge about the latest automation technology

  • Overcoming strategic planning challenges in the purchasing process with no consideration of the ROI.

  • Widespread culture of buy-cheap and its effects

  • Convergence IT/IoT

Who attends?

C-level: Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Senior Managers, Heads and Supervisors from the following job functions:

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Smart Factory Management 

  • Digital Transformation & RPA 

  • Process Management

  • Production / Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain & Inventory Management 

  • Business and Process Improvement

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